New Complete Mobile Milk Processing Factories inside an insulated stainless steel 40 ft. container. All brand new components. No used or reconditioned.

Just connect electricity and water and you are ready to work. No need for a building or other expensive structures. You make whole milk, 2% milk and cream to sell or to make cheese, yogurt, etc. and many other products for higher profit and longer shelf life.

Use cow milk, buffalo milk, goat, sheep or dry milk powder.

Capacity: 500 Liters per hour (133 US Gallons) x 8 hours = 4,000 Liters per shift or 1,000 US Gallons per 8 hours.

Stainless Steel Interior 40 ft. Container (Food Quality Stainless Steel AISI304) 

Milk Factory, Mobile Milk Processing Factory: 

- You do not need a building, wiring, utilities connections. 
- Inside lights and fans with extra electric outlets. 
- Ready to start work, no down time, just connect electricity & water. 
- Self cleaning system. Quick and easy to disinfect to eliminate bacteria. 
- When you want to sell it, easily transported on a truck. 
- Economical operation, good money maker for any budget. 
- Competitively priced against all other static (in building) installations. 
- Made in USA built by Tradeway. 
- Not available anywhere else in the World. 
- Best quality Food Grade Stainless Steel AISI304 & 316 
- Exceeds European and North American Standards. 
- Lifetime Warranty on static equipment.(nobody else has this) 
- Full 10 years warranty on all other moving parts. (nobody else has this) 
- Long-life components with virtually no break downs. 
- Minumum amount of electronics, easy to operate. 
- Ideal family operation and small dairies who want to make their own products. 

Type of milk: Raw or Powder milk, Cow, Goat, Buffalo, Sheep. 

Final products: Pasteurized Milk, whole milk, skim milk, or 2% milk and pasteurized cream. 

Processing capacity: 500 Liter or 132US Gallons of raw milk per hour processing 

Packaging speed: 500 Liter or 132 US Gallons per hour semi-automatic bottling 

Electrical power: 50 KW – European or North American Electrical wiring - your choice 

Additional power: Electrical provisions to use outside generator if local electricity not adequate 

Container: 40’ stainless steel inside with insulation, painted outside. 

Operators: 2 technicians.

Equipment installed in our containers: 

All Stainless Steel componets grade AISI304 
-Triple jacketed insulated tank Stainless Steel with electric heaters - 132 gal (500 Liters, to warm up the milk for proper cream separation) 
-Milk pumps - 132 gal/hr (500 Liters) 
-Electric cream separator - 132 gal/hr (500 Liters) 
-Tank used as buffer tank Stainless Steel - 13 gal (50 Liters) 
-Milk chiller - 132 gal/hr (500 Liters) 
-Direct expansion water chilling unit - 10 TR (tons of refrigeration) 
-Insulated milk storage tank Stainless Steel- 264 gal (1000 Liters) 
-Semi auto HTST pasteurizer with electric heating system - 132 gal/hr (500 Liters) 
-Insulated Milk storage tank Stainless Steel (as a buffer tank) 52 gal (200 Liters) 
-Semi automatic Bottle filling and manual bottle capping machine 
-SS interconnecting pipelines Stainless Steel AISI304 
-Electrical panel with motor starters and temperature indicators

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